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Dublin City Psychotherapy is situated in the heart of Dublin and is easily accessible by foot, Luas, car or bus.

Claire Hawkes offers a number of professional psychotherapy services for adults. The services offered at Dublin City Psychotherapy include but are not limited to:


Issues with gambling, alcohol, drugs and other addictions can be addressed via psychotherapy services.


Anxiety can manifest itself both physically and emotionally. With professional psychotherapy sessions you can begin to deal with feelings of distress.


Used in conjunction with pharmacotherapy (prescribed medication), bipolar specific psychotherapy can greatly assist with your unique situation.

Borderline states

Psychotherapy is recognised as the first step in the treatment of borderline personality disorder. Claire offers psychotherapy that focuses specifically on your unique needs.

Eating disorders

Psychotherapy services for eating disorders that include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating nervosa.

Life challenges

Every individual will face challenges in their life that throws up questions, unwanted feelings and struggles. Through psychotherapy you can begin to explore these issues.

Panic attacks

Feelings of panic, fear and distress can be overwhelming. With psychotherapy you can begin to address the cycle of fear that comes with the onset of a panic attack.

Relationship issues

Whether you are experiencing distress in a present relationship or are struggling to deal with emotions from a previous relationship, psychotherapy can be useful to consider recurring patterns and behaviours that are causing difficulties.


Dealing with stress can be a lonely and distressing experience, particularly if you are trying to deal with it alone. Speaking with a qualified psychotherapist can help you to identify causes and work towards dealing with stress in a more positive way.


Trauma, both physical and mental, can have a long-lasting impact on our lives. Taking the time to speak with Claire here at Dublin City Psychotherapy can be a first step towards dealing with that trauma.

Workplace problems

Problems in the workplace can have a detrimental effect on one’s mental health and can be difficult to address in the workplace without feeling that it will impact on daily working life. By speaking with a dedicated psychotherapist, you can begin to address these issues.

Life stage concerns

At any stage in life, individuals can be confronted with crisis. A crisis can occur at any time in our lives and can present an opportunity to reflect and examine one’s life. With professional psychotherapy you can talk through your concerns.

Psychotherapy Services Dublin

Clinical Supervision:

Dublin City Psychotherapy also offers clinical supervision for psychoanalytic psychotherapy practitioners in accordance with APPI and ICP guidelines. To make an appointment or to enquire about the clinical supervisory process, please feel free to get in touch with Claire Hawkes.
Appointments are available with or without a referral from your GP.

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Please note that the services and conditions listed above are by no means exhaustive and may omit a concern you are currently experiencing. Claire Hawkes welcomes your call or email and will be happy to advise on whether your particular situation could benefit from psychotherapy.

The services offered by Claire at Dublin City Psychotherapy are underpinned by a deep commitment to strong ethics and on-going professional development.