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Dublin City Psychotherapy offers psychoanalytic psychotherapy to adults. Below we have listed a number of conditions that can be greatly improved by speaking with a professional, caring psychotherapist. Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive; so do please feel free to get in touch if you don’t see your specific concern addressed.

Psychotherapy for Addiction:

Drugs, alcohol and gambling are just some of the addictions that Claire here at Dublin City Psychotherapy can assist you with. The causes of addiction are many and varied and are particular to each person struggling with addiction.

Admitting that you have an issue with addiction is the very first step you can take towards your recovery. With the assistance of psychotherapy you can begin to address these difficulties.

Dublin City Psychotherapy does not require a referral from your GP, so please feel free to pick up the phone or email us directly to make an appointment.

Treating Anxiety with Psychotherapy:

Anxiety is a feature of contemporary life, however if it is excessive it can be the cause of great anguish and distress. It is important to be aware that anxiety is experienced both physically and mentally.

Anxiety impacts on each individual differently, which means that there is no ‘one size fits all’ treatment. It is with this in mind that Claire will take the time to really listen to you. The aim of psychotherapy is to allow you to understand what may be underlying your anxiety and to help you question what it is about.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy interprets anxiety as a sign that something is disturbing the human subject at a psychical level thus we investigate what anxiety is signalling.

To book an appointment without the requirement for a GP referral, please call the number listed at the top of the screen or get in touch using the contact form right here on the website.

Bipolar and Psychotherapy

Bipolar disorder is considered a serious mental illness involving psychiatric diagnosis and treatment – usually by medication. It is equally common among men and women.

If you are struggling to cope with bipolar disorder or a recent diagnosis, please know that you are not alone. Talk therapy/counselling is very useful in dealing with and managing bipolar. With regular psychotherapy sessions combined with prescribed medication, it is possible to ameliorate the more severe symptoms of bipolar.

To learn more about how psychotherapy can assist you with your bipolar disorder, please do feel free to get in touch with Claire here at Dublin City Psychotherapy. Be assured that all sessions are 100% confidential.

Borderline States

If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD), you may find that you can benefit by attending regular psychotherapy sessions. The term ‘borderline states’ covers a wide range of mental health issues that fall outside the more prevalent psychiatric diagnoses.

Working with people with this diagnosis has been a longstanding interest of Claire Hawkes here at Dublin City Psychotherapy, and she works to bring information and understanding to those affected by this diagnosis.

To learn how psychotherapy can benefit you and your unique condition, please get in touch with Claire by filling out the contact form on the website or by calling the number detailed on the contact us page.

Psychotherapy for Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders are serious psychological and physical illnesses, which can sometimes have fatal consequences. Eating Disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating nervosa. Unfortunately, for those who are suffering from eating disorders it can take some time before they realise that they require medical assistance and help from mental health professionals. Feelings of guilt, shame, loneliness and disgust can overcome our natural instinct to seek assistance and this is something we see time and time again with all eating disorders.

Eating Disorders are not just about the intake of food or output of energy – they indicate to us that there are serious disturbances at a psychical level. Once you have made that all important step to ask for help, it may seem like an impossible road ahead. However, acknowledging what is happening in your life is the first step towards addressing deep-seated issues that may underlie an eating disorder.

Call Claire today for an appointment – no referral required.

Life Challenges

Many people face challenges throughout their lives. These challenges may at first seem trivial and can be easy to dismiss without ever realising the long-term impact they can have on life.

Whether you are struggling with finances, unable to find work, experiencing relationship difficulties or finding everyday life hard to cope with, psychotherapy sessions can allow you to identify problem areas and consider possibilities for change.

Feelings of despair, loneliness, self-loathing and lack of control can severely impact on mental health and it is vitally important to deal with these feelings before they become all consuming.

There is no such thing as a trivial life challenge, if you are finding life difficult this is because it IS difficult and you are finding it hard to cope. Psychotherapy can support you at challenging times in your life.

To book a psychotherapy session with Claire, please feel free to get in touch at any time. Alternatively you can fill in the form on the contact page and she will get back to you as soon as possible. No referral is required for appointments.

Psychotherapy for Panic Attacks

There is nothing quite as frightening as experiencing a panic attack; heart thumping, overwhelming feeling of fear, disorientation, breathing problems – these are just some of the symptoms.

Talk therapy can assist with the overwhelming fear that comes with panic attacks. After first experiencing an attack, one can live in fear of future episodes, which in turn can lead to dread, and further panic attacks, this can sometimes seem like a vicious cycle. Psychotherapy aims to disrupt this cycle, allowing the individual to make sense of what is happening to them in the context of their lived lives.

To speak with Claire about psychotherapy for panic attacks, please get in touch to make an appointment. All sessions are 100% confidential and are tailored to meet your own specific requirements.

Addressing Relationship Issues with Psychotherapy

When a relationship breaks down it can bring about immense feelings of loss, despair, loneliness and indeed anger and resentment. If you are finding it difficult to cope with current issues or with the recent breakdown of an important relationship, you may greatly benefit from psychotherapy.

Relationships are without doubt one of the most important aspects of our lives and when these relationships break down or become destructive it can have an overwhelming impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

Using psychotherapy to address these issues and talk through our concerns can lead to positive change in all aspects of our lives.

Whether you are trying to deal with current issues in your relationship or need to address issues from a past relationship, Claire can assist you through professional psychotherapy in a safe environment.

Psychotherapy for Stress

Stress can rear its ugly head in all types of circumstance and in fact can creep up on us when we least expect it. How we deal with stress and its resulting emotions can have long-term effects on our mental well-being.

Whether you are dealing with stress related to finances, work, relationships or other aspects of your life, it is important to address these feelings before they leave a negative impact on your health.

Psychotherapy allows you to discuss the issues that affect you most and investigate the causes of your stress related condition.

Treating Trauma with Psychotherapy

When an individual is subjected to a distressing or disturbing experience resulting in physical, emotional or mental injury, this is what we define as trauma. Trauma can stem from any experience that is unwelcome or unexpected and can have a life altering impact on the individual concerned. Each individual will process traumatic experiences in their own way.

Through psychotherapy and counselling, the trauma you are suffering can become easier to deal with and can eventually become part of your past instead of part of who you are now.

Every instance of trauma is unique and this is why psychotherapy can be so effective in dealing with the resulting emotions. Taking the time to talk, to discuss your thoughts and feelings allows for a reframing of the traumatic event or shock.

When you book an appointment with Claire for trauma counselling or psychotherapy you can be assured of a professional service in a safe environment that is 100% confidential.

Psychotherapy for Problems in the Workplace

Workplace bullying and harassment is unfortunately a common occurrence even in todays more liberal society. The onset of social media over the past 15 years has seen a further increase in online harassment, which can lead to severe emotional and mental distress for workers.

If you are dealing with problems in your place of work, whether that is down to bullying, stress, heavy workload or difficult relationships, please know that there is a way to deal with this.

Dublin City Psychotherapy offers counselling and psychotherapy to those who may be suffering with problems in the workplace. Evening and weekend appointments are available and no GP referral is required. Should you wish to learn more about how psychotherapy can assist with your particular situation, please do feel free to get in touch.