Approach to Psychotherapy

The approach taken by the therapist in Dublin City Psychotherapy aims to establish a therapeutic relationship with you the client. Claire provides a non-judgemental environment in which to explore issues and build a trusting relationship that is based on the dignity and respect of each individual. The quality of the relationship forged between client and therapist remains central to effective psychotherapy. Claire will respect your unique personal values and encourage you to explore your concerns or issues by recognising and talking about these difficulties.

Psychotherapy allows you the client to speak freely about whatever is on your mind and to begin the process of making sense of your feelings, in other words, it is a time for understanding.

In psychotherapy the client participates actively in the process. Engaging in psychotherapy is a very personal experience – the safety and respect provided by the therapist is an important part of this practice.

Psychotherapy Approach Dublin

The decision to engage in psychotherapy is a serious one that requires the client to be open and honest about their thoughts and experiences.

Psychotherapy is an extremely individual, emotional process that allows a person the opportunity to explore the difficulties that may be impacting their life, through acknowledging and talking with a qualified therapist about these issues.

Dublin City Psychotherapy offers a safe environment in which to explore your thoughts and innermost concerns. Claire will provide you with a place that you feel safe and respected so that you can begin to allow change to take place within your life.

To learn more about Claire’s approach to psychotherapy, please do feel free to get in touch and make an appointment for a time that suits you. Evening appointments are available so you don’t need to worry about taking time off work and no GP referral is required.

Be assured that when you speak with Claire here at Dublin City Psychotherapy you will be welcomed into a safe and non-judgemental space in which you can begin to explore the issues that may be impacting on your life.